Breakfast – coffee, almond milk and toast with peanut butter

Lunch – veggie patty, red & green peppers, mushrooms, and jalapenos (no cheese), and tortilla chips

I’ve come to find (especially on this challenge) that I need to have snacks in between meals because I do not function well when I’m hungry. Thank you to Evelyn and Jose for lunch and letting me “be picky” with what I order. =)

Dinner – a light dinner tonight, all natural strawberry fruit snack, some carrots and a handful of mixed nuts, and water. Tomorrow’s breakfast should be plenty filling. =)

Response to comments from Day 2:

@Jose: Thank you for undying support and for keeping it real =P
@Evelyn: Thank you for your sincere support, I’m glad I can share my snacks with you =)
@Brenda: Yes, I believe I’m getting enough calories – the body is pretty amazing at letting you know when you are lacking something. =)