Day 12 – Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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While watching the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” I ate a baked potato for dinner =)

For lunch I had an apple, beans, and rice. Breakfast… coffee w/ almond milk and a cup of oatmeal.


Day 11 – Brownie Off!

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My friend Joel challenged me to a brownie off so last night I made some vegan brownies (crap! i just now remembered I left my cake pan at work!) anyway… yes, and they were a hit =) I think it’s safe to say that I won considering there were no left overs lol

Just in case you’re curious to what the recipe is like here goes the link:

Breakfast: I had some coffee and almond milk (silly me I didn’t eat anything so I was really hungry when lunchtime came around) Lunch: House salad from Twin Peaks with some oil and vinegar.

Day 10 – A little change

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This morning for breakfast I had my usual oatmeal and cup of coffee with almond milk. However for lunch I went out to eat with my friend Brenda. Brown rice with loads of veggies and seasoning. For dinner… I’m gonna eat my left overs and some watermelon =)

Day 9 – Long Day

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Breakfast – oatmeal and coffee
Lunch – Veggie Delight from subway
Dinner – veggie burger on wheat bun

I had a long day…sorry not too many side notes today.

Day 8 – Trip to Central Market

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Breakfast – oatmeal, wheat toast with peanut butter, and orange juice.

My friend Evelyn and I went to Central Market today and it was like going to a whole new world… It was like a grocery store but with a lot more stuff and lots of healthy and fresh options lol. We had lunch there – I had green curry with tofu.

For dinner I had boca burger with the usual sauteed mushrooms and fresh tomatoes =)

Day 7 – One Week In

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I’ve got 23 days left… the thing I’m missing most is seafood! I imagine after my challenge I won’t be eating as much meat as I used to but I honestly really miss it lol

Breakfast – oatmeal and coffee with almond milk.

Lunch – veggie burger with sauteed mushrooms and fresh tomatoes on a wheat bun. Side dish of sauteed onions and zucchini.

I’m one week in and I noticed that I’ve been repeating a lot of the foods I eat – I need a little more variety I think. Time to do a little research. For dinner I had me yet another veggie burger lol with sauteed mushrooms with fresh tomatoes on a wheat bun and a glass of water.

I’ll probably hit the grocery store again tomorrow so hopefully I’ll find some nice recipes =)

Day 6 – The Ultimate Test – Labor Day

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I work from 12:30 to 9 today…and everyone is going to bring in something (like a potlock I guess). There is going to be some bbq brisket, chicken, links/sausages, potato salad, banana pudding, and many other side dishes I cannot touch lol

Breakfast: Wheat toast and strawberry jam, a bowl of oatmeal with almond milk, and a glass of orange juice.

Hopefully many people will decide to come in and buy furniture so I won’t even have a chance to think about straying from my challenge =)

*GASPS* I done cheated. I thought I was safe but the vegetables had butter mixed in it – I was deceived! I also had beans and I drank water. There so much meat and side dishes with eggs… But I’m gonna stay strong I’m already 6 days into this.

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